• Wine of Dreams (2016)

    by Obelis

    Temple maiden Utre has god-given power to create dreams. The misuse of her power has caused sorrow to many, but now it seems to be making the sun godd...

    priestess, Fantasy

  • Living with the Gods Above: Favored

    by A.J

    The youngest priestess to have ever lived... cursed, orphaned, and isolated. However, as long as she keeps faith, the gods will never abandon her. The...

    priestess, Romance

  • Priestess of the Dragon Tree

    by LakeLake

    Verene travels to the neighboring realm to seek a powerful artifact of healing rumored to be located in the abandoned temple at the top of the Dragon ...

    priestess, GL, Fantasy

  • The Exotic

    by secretspaz

    In a world were women are sold as brides and servants through a system of caravans. Mikaela is no stranger to the system. Being captured a second time...

    priestess, Fantasy

  • The Salko String of Fate

    by Talon

    The shogun from Chenzhao leads a small army over to Japah in hopes to obtain a rare powerful soulstone that the Salko temple housed. Narrow would have...

    priestess, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • The Hall Burns

    by Zenflower54

    Birch is a Vigilant of Stendarr; a servant of the gods of Skyrim. Soon after coming of age, she leaves to explore Skyrim and strives to do good by the...

    priestess, Fantasy, Action, Drama

  • Black Collars

    by Kyonides

    My life was not ideal but I seriously had some stuff to do there like, err, getting a long awaited promotion before I could ever wind up falling down ...

    priestess, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance