• The Dame Vanishes

    by the_dame

    The Dame Vanishes is a queer noir comic set in 1950s San Francisco. Think black and white noir films with Bogart and Bacall, dark fog-laden alleyways,...

    private_detective, LGBTQ+

  • Ibrahim Coyle

    by Brale Studios

    Ibrahim Coyle is just your regular con-man and a self-proclaimed PI, secret agent or whatever the client needs, as long as there's some cash on him. ...

    private_detective, Mystery, Comedy

  • My Life as a Private Eye

    by rbean933

    A web-comic drawn terribly by me, Rachel, a real-life private investigator in the USA. Chronicles my experiences of being a private eye.

    Private_detective, Slice of life

  • Johny Pisstol

    by Daw8ID

    Johny Pisstol is hand drawn comics about private investigator of the same name. Irregularly creates: David Jiricka English interpretation: Micha...

    private_detective, Comedy

  • Smithers & Wing

    by kirstyhunter

    Smithers & Wing is brought to you by Kirsty Hunter (Artist) and Heather Palmer (Writer)! Every week until bring you another page of our magical myster...

    private_detectives, GL, Mystery, Fantasy