• Arielle

    by Ace

    How would people react to an android being put into their school? Perhaps the bigger question would be: How would an android react to being put into a...

    private_school, Comedy

  • Overclocked

    by AllorNothingComics

    Katsu joined Clockwork Hearts Academy to start a new life and set his own path. But from his first day, there's more to this school than he had planne...

    private_school, Fantasy

  • Fighting Fish

    by Sanpape

    After an unfortunate flake out by their singer and pianist, Gourami and her drummer Angler are determined to get a band together before the interschoo...

    private_school, Drama

  • White Violet

    by Shazleen Khan

    Led by a childhood promise, Violet LeBlanc enters a prestigious private academy in order to reunite with her estranged friends. However, as she soon ...

    private_school, Romance


    by Firo.Comix

    Geist : a powerful force flowing within all living creatures. For centuries, people have been researching geist energy and the unfathomable power it p...

    private_school, Action, Comedy, Fantasy