• White Violet

    by Shazleen Khan

    Led by a childhood promise, Violet LeBlanc enters a prestigious private academy in order to reunite with her estranged friends. However, as she soon ...

    private_school, Romance

  • Overclocked

    by AllorNothingComics

    Katsu joined Clockwork Hearts Academy to start a new life and set his own path. But from his first day, there's more to this school than he had planne...

    private_school, Fantasy

  • My One and Only

    by ReadingAngel

    Charlotte Bennett is the new girl and is also the first person who just got into Noble High, the best and 'impossible' private high school in America....

    private_school, Romance


    by Firo.Comix

    Geist : a powerful force flowing within all living creatures. For centuries, people have been researching geist energy and the unfathomable power it p...

    private_school, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Not-so Daily Complaints of a High Schooler

    by Penn

    A not-so daily public journal, filled with heaps of chaos, drama, and whatever else I feel like. I hope to see you on my journey through shitty privat...

    private_school, Slice of life

  • Nox Inferno

    by Dahlia A. Fortia

    Owls are restless creatures, the same could be said with Twyla Chantelle. She hated being in her normal, stuck in the rut small town. All she wanted t...

    private_school, Fantasy