• Bad Puns

    by Loser Mangaka

    it's comedy but not comedy... if you wanna talk about the comics or whatever... do it on the fb page... https://www.facebook.com/BadPunsComics

    puns, Comedy

  • Beep Beep Cats

    by Kinsey Crowe

    A wholesome comic fueled by cats and puns. New comic every day!

    puns, Comedy

  • Language Woes

    by Teacup Creations

    A Language graduate tries to adult properly and share weird idioms.

    puns, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Enchanted Tails

    by suzysart

    A witch’s cat named Dice wakes up after a nap wearing a magical cape bewitched to take the wearer where they are needed most! After finding Knight's l...

    puns, Fantasy

  • Cheap Paneling

    by Mr Rzie

    Cost effective cartoons.

    puns, Comedy

  • Bifriended

    by graytonic

    Prune and Liam are best friends since 9th grade - but there is something weird about these two. No, they are not a couple.. but a perfect team of clum...

    puns, Comedy

  • Dear Rider,

    by Jeeaark

    Grit, a scrappy goblin, only wants one thing in life: To join the Riders. Instead, he joined up with a deer. Sit back and enjoy the ride as thi...

    puns, Comedy, Fantasy

  • m.e.comics

    by yume

    Fun short comics, mostly puns... enjoy updated at least once a month

    puns, Comedy

  • Ratryoshkomics

    by Rara

    Life according to R2. Figured if I make scattered random comics now and then I'd just put them as a series instead. The series is originally on Web...

    puns, Comedy

  • Fickle Theatre

    by Dan Markowitz

    Cops who are one day away from retirement, families that will inherit a fortune if they spend one night in their late uncle's haunted mansion, conga l...

    puns, Comedy

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