• Gather Ye Power

    by log

    Just a boy and a rat out here collecting powers

    rats, Comedy, Fantasy

  • The Boy [EN]

    by Edo

    Allen is a boy who's getting bored by his life. Since the total failur of his studies, he spends his days walking around his town with his only true f...

    rats, Science fiction

  • Coral

    by Alex Vetter

    What does a cape and a dog smelling fake cat ears have in common? If you want to know, join Coral every Sunday at 8PM, (GMT + 01:00)

    rats, Comedy

  • Rattus

    by Griff

    Roz is a pet rat that learns fast how difficult survival is, but she's not alone. Follow as Roz and her friends try to find a home in the British wild...

    rats, Action

  • OtherWorld: Light the Dark

    by StarfallHybrid

    Long ago, a black seed of evil rooted itself into Gaia. Due to a prophecy regarding the seeds evil, any and all mages of 'dark' nature were commended ...

    rats, Fantasy

  • Devil Rats

    by Alex Dorian Ripper

    A story about Trust ,Friendship, Contract with the Devil and a whole lot of rats

    rats, Horror

  • Mama's Boy

    by ThornIllustrations

    Paciano, a chain-smoking drunk with little to no morals or patience for others learns through trial and error what he can never truly run from- family...

    rats, Slice of life

  • The Mello Crew

    by Matt Verde!

    A group of close-knit misfits must protect their fort and ideals from local gangs, tyrannical adults, and the disastrous situation they get themselves...

    rats, Comedy

  • the pirats

    by Alexis Vivallo

    always, small GREAT adventures with this three little rats

    rats, Comedy

  • Fur Real Rescues

    by Stevie T

    Rescues is a heartwarming, chuckle-worthy comic about pet adoption! Join four pets on their journey to their new home, and meet all the lovely charact...

    rats, Comedy

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