• HalfSoul

    by scarlet-wings-kaili

    When you lose half of your soul, you become a Halfsoul. Tale, Nalia, Zach and Scarlet are a hired team by HSEA to kill Halfsouls  and yet, each has th...

    recovery, Action, Fantasy

  • Don't Touch

    by Dark_Faeire

    Don't Touch: Book 1 Michael spent five years dealing with his disorder: haphephobia. Afraid to be touch. Afraid of stepping out of his home to enjo...

    recovery, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Camp Laketown

    by Kactus Kid

    [COMPLETED] A personal journey of self discovery, rejection, and healing portrayed through the life of Piper. This is a minicomic originally mean...

    recovery, Slice of life

  • Camaraderie (Discontinued)

    by MDArtCabin

    Camaraderie ca·ma·ra·de·rie ˌkäməˈrädərē,ˌkaməˈrädərē/Submit noun mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. ...

    recovery, Fantasy

  • Lilies are for Healing

    by MariaMediaHere

    Take it from experience: your high school cafeteria is the best place to have your coming-of-age breakdown. Follow best friends Rita and Ana as the...

    recovery, Drama

  • Singing Glass

    by Imogen Mangle

    Having fled the Temple of Solitude, Cheo finds herself in sunny Théa Gorge. Fresh fruit, lively music, good company - her new refuge seems as good a ...

    recovery, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • W!p

    by CherryBombshell

    August is looking for a fresh start with his best friend in a brand new city, but ghosts from the past are making it difficult. Making new friends in ...

    recovery, LGBTQ+

  • Don't Touch Me Cafe

    by Dead Piano

    Sometimes, we just need to run away. TW: Almost a suicide attempt, toxic relationships, eating disorders. Every chapter will have its own warning. ...

    recovery, Slice of life

  • Magick Words

    by LaTricia Rayenae

    Magick: The ability to affect change through the power of one's will. Positive affirmations and mantras set to fantasy illustrations. Updates ev...

    recovery, Fantasy

  • Oasis, the Rise

    by elyss

    A story about the mental recovery of a prince and an ex-sex worker turned reluctant retainer. ------ Mahalia is a neutral country known for its acad...

    recovery, Drama

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