• One More Night With You

    by breeonne

    Rei, a vocalist and guitarist for a punk band named "Lost Cause." falls in love with a boy band member named Marcello. After Marcello leaves Rei in a ...

    rei, BL

  • Swords of Edo

    by AJTilley

    A series following the Justicars of Edo, a group of powerful female warriors who spend their lives defending the people against all threats to peace.

    rei, Fantasy


    by Rei Kurumaya

    Even though I’m done with OUTLINES, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be left behind. I wish I could work on it again, and I might, just not any time soon...

    rei, Comedy

  • Ghost Freaks

    by Lame2882

    Rei woke up one day with no memory of who he is. Can Cole and his friends help Rei remember?

    rei, Horror, Mystery, Comedy

  • Rei's Departures

    by Bunny

    Follow Rei, a normal young girl travelling to find out who she really is.

    rei, Mystery