• Blood Blue

    by ovicati

    Eyes as cold as ice, and in a voice so utterly devoid of emotion, the man - the demon - looked down on me and said: "From now on, you belong to me. Yo...

    ren, Drama

  • Cthulhu Chronicles ENG

    by Shafry

    London, 1889. Three strangers, a mechanic, an illusionist and a psychiatrist, have to face mysterious events, fanatic cultists and strange creatures a...

    ren, Horror

  • Smile For Me

    by MexiStuffs

    People don't decide who to fall in love with, neither who to get obsessed.

    ren, BL

  • Seven Souls

    by Sara Cuervo

    Once upon a space, there was a planet called Rigel II. This is the story of its survival: the story of its price.

    ren, Science fiction

  • Cheater

    by Coco Sugar

    This is a BL series. Please read from right to left❤️ Our protagonist is Ren, who seems to have too many boyfriends. Or are they just friends? ...

    ren, Romance

  • Years Gone By

    by Triple A

    Read: Left to Right What do years do to you? Do they just accumulate scars, or do they heal wounds? All Kimmi knows for certain is that she loves A...

    ren, Drama

  • Nico Must Hate The World

    by RA: 1977

    READING IS FROM RIGHT TO LEFT* The world is filled with love, too much of it, that nico thinks he needs to do something to restore balance.......

    ren, Comedy

  • The Story of Humanly Monsters, or Monsterly Humans?

    by Zorrie

    Kippy Blaze a high school freshman discovers the new kid has some secrets. But so does she and her best friend Danny. Updates whenever I have time...

    ren, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Recondite Woods

    by Recondite

    The Recondite Woods are a mystical place. Full of both beauty & dangerous creatures. The Woods know many things but they do not reveal their secrets....

    ren, Comedy

  • Once

    by Takkia

    Comic story about wolf pup Ren who want to lean how to climb up on trees so he could see how world looks from above. School graduation version (diff...

    ren, Drama, Slice of life, Fantasy

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