• _post_

    by ArtsyLee

    Colt is alone and in need of shelter when he stumbles upon Barren and the two make a deal to spend the night together. That's basically how it all beg...

    romace, Romance

  • True Love (Innocent)

    by Koko

    Shinoishi is a boy who wants to be invisible so that no one can distract him from his goals. Quiet and nothing social, his days at school are isolated...

    romace, BL

  • DC Fancomic: Super Valentine

    by Sheiya Vlad

    Jon Kent x Damian Wayne Dc Fancomic Jon is crushing on his best friend for a while now but now he wants to take action.

    romace, BL

  • SKI

    by RE ME

    No words, only feelings.

    romace, Drama

  • Mortal Hunterz (BL)

    by Fail Gurl

    Eli and Shaun are witches, and they are also partners! Might be one of the strongest! But they have their problems! Like one of them being in love wit...

    romace, BL

  • Far Between

    by JayeComics

    Far Between is a story about discovery. Having overcome dire obstacles and immense hardship, Julien (born in Paris) and his companions are on a journ...

    romace, Drama

  • Underwater!

    by Damiin

    Humans and mermaids lived away from each other in their own different societies. But when a wary Eriel needs the help of a human and is rescued by...

    romace, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Spectre Squad

    by Charmageddon

    (Art style has changed since the first page!! I'm just too lazy to redraw the panels [not even a laziness thing, I've just redrawn them like 8 times {...

    romace, Romance

  • Colourful

    by randomizer

    Haruhi is a 30ish something year old woman that has her fair share of hurt and angst, especially after her husband (now her ex) has betrayed her time ...

    romace, Romance

  • Stupid Maid

    by NRJ/Smashed Tomatoes

    She was rich and now she is a maid due to a misfortunate accident! Her friend is a Bish and her other friend is a mexican stereotype! Oh, BTW, this ...

    romace, Comedy

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