by occultioris

    One day can change all life, one phrase - to destroy a relationship, one person - to hurt much. What a pity that nothing in life is easy and simple...

    russian, BL

  • Snitch

    by christopherbol

    Misha Petrov is an undercover agent who's been assigned to infiltrate the Russian mafia family led by Laurence Blake. Under the name of Dmitriy Kozlov...

    russian, Action

  • The Frigging Puddle (Поганая лужа)

    by Solomon Volfovich

    This is a comic for one contest by LiveBubble Comics. Some stories will be printed on a book for the MicroComicCon convent (Saint Petersburg). Wel...

    russian, Horror

  • Almost Magical RU

    by almostmagicalru

    This is the Russian translation of a webcomic by marvellous Chocolatesmoothie (we have the permission). The original webcomic is here: https://www.we...

    russian, Drama, Fantasy

  • Rum&done (RUS)

    by Mag Navarra

    Ты не ты, когда трезвый! Ром объединяет казалось бы разных парней в рок группу: Стеснительный на первый взгляд вокалист, барабанщик, не пропускающий ...

    russian, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Beartrap

    by A.C. Foxten

    A silent, horror fairy tale of bears and humans. Uploads on Fridays!

    russian, Fantasy

  • Lightreaver (Ru)

    by Nik

    Русский перевод комикса Lighreaver, если желаете поддержать проект и получить ранний доступ к новым страницам, вам сюда: https://www.kickstarter.com/p...

    russian, Action

  • Shepherd's Saga

    by Zake and Zach

    Rune is a lowly shepherd exiled from his village. Amy is a fairy who escaped her traditional fairy life and her path crossed with Rune. Together they ...

    russian, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Into the wind

    by SilentHamster102

    Life is quiet when forgetting ideals and gave up to the surrounding injustice. But what will happen when injustice will touch your close ones? Now ...

    russian, Action

  • Theri There: русском

    by Orion Scribner

    Это комикс-рассказ о том, что составляет феномен териантропии - когда человек ощущает себя внутри иным существом. Russian translations of Theri There,...

    russian, Slice of life

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