• Hues of Solitude

    by Penzilla

    Hues of Solitude explores what It means to be alone, through Eden who is crashed on a strange planet.

    sage, Science fiction

  • Star Force

    by Piney Hale

    Shadows are stirring. Stars are falling from the sky. For reasons she doesn’t yet understand, it’s up to a reserved high school student named Alex...

    sage, Fantasy

  • Guided

    by Yokufo

    Things are never as they appear, and the world can harbour many surprises. Follow the young sage, Gian on a journey of self-discovery as she struggles...

    sage, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Midwinter Sage

    by Heatherdrawings

    Sage finds herself lost in a big world with no memories. After finding a sword possessed by the demon Azimirai, she forms a contract with him to obtai...

    sage, Fantasy

  • Sage's Sunset

    by Faeries and Ents

    Cebyr is a young sage owl, the last in a long line of sages once created by a great wizard long ago. Their purpose in life is to collect every story a...

    sage, Fantasy

  • Wendy and Phone

    by Sage

    An eccentric teenager girl applies to a program to get a prototype smart phone. She gets accepted, but the phone is way smarter than she ever imagined...

    sage, Comedy

  • The Devil in me (Official Story)

    by Nurse-chan

    Akiko Akahoshi was a 17 year old girl who gets involved into a complicated mess about the existence of the Devils and Conflicts about the Clans. N...

    sage, Action

  • Ivory Flower

    by Starze

    Lazuli Snowtwill follows her normal routine: heading to the Ivory Flour for breakfast. But now, her life has turned.

    sage, Fantasy

  • Rosemary, the Sage of Time

    by grandpa

    The following is a story about a café run by high school friends, the tenants of the apartment above the said café, the flowershop on the other side o...

    sage, Comedy

  • The Legend of WATERMAIN

    by godhasheard

    Check out my webcomic, The Legend of WATERMAIN on webtoons.com

    sage, Action