• Bromance

    by ZeTrystan

    Bromance. The story of two guys who are not sure about love, life and the future. And who battle monsters.

    satanic, Slice of life

  • Baphomet-Chan is Cute!

    by Ken McFarlane

    Join the trials and tribulations of Baphomet-Chan, a satanic deity going to a human high school, what could go wrong?

    satanic, Comedy

  • Satan Ninja 198X

    by Dravian & Safron

    An (NSFW) action-comedy urban fantasy comic illustrated by Jessica Safron and written by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron. It's inspired by radical 19...

    satanic, Action

  • Post Mortem

    by Heather Charters

    Introducing the world of Post Mortem, a web series following the misadventures of Jody, a deceased postal worker stuck on an endless delivery route of...

    satanic, Comedy

  • Satan and The Middleman

    by EriRinLee

    Updates 2 Pages every Friday! A fallen angel works tirelessly to end the suffering caused by a vengeful, petty god, but his efforts are always pain...

    satanic, Romance

  • The Gainsaying Bible

    by aldoesart

    You ever been so depressed and alone you accidentally summon the devil? Good, you and Goya have something to talk about.

    satanic, Comedy

  • My Brother Is A Robot

    by IntrovertedBones

    Satanic fanatic and grumpy 7 year-old Devon used to tolerate existance as a single child until his family suddenly adopted a robot-boy named Ohm. (des...

    satanic, Comedy

  • Living Hell

    by punkvamps

    Sheila's got it rough. She's never believed in the Devil, but with her loved ones' lives at stake, she's forced to work for them collecting overdue so...

    satanic, Horror

  • Lost In The Camera

    by EmStories

    After stalking her crush Andy for years, taking photos of him and following him around. Michelle begins to get closer to him in ways she could never i...

    satanic, Romance, Horror, Mystery

  • A Calling...

    by Robbo16

    A great evil is being awakened. After realizing that his whole life has been a lie, Jake sets out to seek the truth, but the question still remains, ...

    satanic, Fantasy, Science fiction, Mystery

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