• Say Yes!

    by Dyumint

    [UPDATE TWICE A WEEK] Gilhein made up his mind to give his chocolate to his crush on Valentine's day but he ran away the next day. Just how to ...

    school_life, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Sk8trboi

    by peachkiwicomics

    A webcomic about preppy kids and underdogs. Slow burn BL.

    school_life, BL, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Love Lesson

    by enka923

    Published in theyaoiarmy.com "I finally fall in love!-" A story revolves around a socially awkward school boy, Akamine Natsuki, who is after so ...

    school_life, Romance

  • The Girl I Like is a Boy

    by Moyashi125

    Ken Komai is hopelessly in love with his class president: Miharu Aoi. She’s elegant, kind, and…she’s a boy?! Crossdressing, running for student counci...

    school_life, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Otowa's After School Secrets

    by Uru Natsumi

    High school freshman Ayane has a big secret: she’s terrified of cute boys! Sneaking by them in the hall or stuttering through conversations, she can b...

    school_life, Romance, Drama, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Cloud Nine

    by M0N0KR0M

    The shenanigans of Souh Sato and Hiroki Suzuki

    school_life, Drama

  • Gloomy Night

    by BubooSenchan

    https://www.patreon.com/BubooSenchan BL/ DRAMA / SOBRENATURAL/TRAUMA / ROMANCE/NSFW LGBT theme- trigger warning. Language- mental illness- suicid...

    school_life, Drama

  • The unfitting puzzle piece

    by SpigaRose

    Lisa and Eva are classmates. Both are hiding their true selves, until one day they can finally see a piece of each other secret. warning: Girls Love (...

    school_life, Drama, GL

  • The Real You

    by Cibeles

    Finding yourself is hard, but finding other people's true nature is even harder! Have some laughs with these college hellraisers trying to find themse...

    school_life, Comedy

  • KISL discontinued

    by Plamondon

    ~this series has been discontinued~ BUT FEAR NOT! A better reboot is in progress. Please subscribe to Kiara in Shoujo Land for more. What happe...

    school_life, Comedy

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