• A Matter of Life and Death

    by Snarpers

    https://www.patreon.com/The_Snipster Please turn off Ad Block when reading, it helps creators earn advertisement money for their hard work! Read Rig...

    scifi, Drama

  • Dragon Husbands

    by Puck

    [COMPLETE] scifi/fantasy BL Fai lives on space colony 88HK3 in the year 535 After Ascension, and he's pretty sure fairy tales ain't real. Then he ...

    scifi, BL, Fantasy, Science fiction


    by hvmus

    Hamus has a strange item that gives his unfinished robot enough power to be functional, that's when a cursed boy finds out about it and tries to take ...

    scifi, BL, Action, Science fiction

  • TEN (BL)

    by SoenKai

    What happens when sci-fi meets boyslove? Dez is a security officer at a small company in New York. A half blind security officer. Aside from that f...

    scifi, BL, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Black Key Incubus

    by James Schleisman

    Another average day in the life of Norman Castor, wizard-in-training. Crippling gay loneliness? Check. Summon a demon to help you find true love? Sure...

    scifi, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • [unfinished] FLUXA

    by kukkiia

    Callipus is being chased by the police after hacking into one of the largest existing corporations. During his escape, he meets a mysterious boy who s...

    scifi, BL

  • Rechargeable

    by Bilvy

    A street gang known as The Immortals are just trying to get by and make a living for themselves. That living just happens to be manufacturing and sell...

    scifi, Drama, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • BSandL

    by Nilukka

    Updates every (other) Friday! An alien crashes on Earth with a mighty bang. He's alone on this strange planet, unable to communicate or ask for hel...

    scifi, Drama, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Space School

    by DarkChibiShadow

    Zeggy-- an alien and real creep, attends the acclaimed Space School for his telekinetic powers. Upon meeting the attractive transfer student, Alkalin...

    scifi, BL, Slice of life, Comedy

  • CyberSteel

    by Wendigo

    ITALIAN VERSION: https://tapastic.com/series/CyberSteel-ITA In the Europe of the future, Kevin is a an Astronomy student by day and a hacker by ni...

    scifi, Action, Mystery, Science fiction

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