• Seacliff

    by Maria Killjoy

    In 2019, Aidan is a kilt-wearing tour guide on the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh. In 1919, Saoirse is a Great War nurse who's got nothing left to l...

    scotland, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Kings of Fire

    by McKaren

    The world is going through an Ice Age and dragons are the natural rulers of their land. Their hability to take humanoid forms allows them to inhabit a...

    scotland, Fantasy

  • On The Rocks

    by CrossRoadArt

    The selkies of Liath Island amuse themselves however they please. They watch the locals, take what they fancy, lay about on the coast, eat fish ...

    scotland, Fantasy

  • Superheroes of Faboburgh (BL)

    by Elijah林

    Faboburgh, a fantasy countryside capital city is the homes of superheroes who (are also known as your local celebrities) fight against infections of t...

    scotland, Drama

  • Girls in Space

    by Spencey

    Girls in Space is a long-running science-fiction comic which beginning in 2010. Join our heroines on their racy space adventures looking for the lost ...

    scotland, Comedy

  • Gummy Wizard Saga

    by Newtsoda

    Gummy Wizard Saga follows the misadventures of Poemi, a schoolgirl with a strong dislike for magic, after she accidentally frees a young wizard named ...

    scotland, Fantasy

  • Neighbour Flower (short story)

    by Elijah林

    One day, like every other day, Wolf was mind his own business in his flat, and for some unknown reason, he looked out his window. A glimpse... And...

    scotland, Romance

  • Smithers & Wing

    by kirstyhunter

    Smithers & Wing is brought to you by Kirsty Hunter (Artist) and Heather Palmer (Writer)! Every week until bring you another page of our magical myster...

    scotland, GL, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Rats Teeth

    by Sarah Massey

    Sequel to Prometheus Reanimated. The boys are back in a twisted new adventure. Fresh on the trail of Frankenstein's supplier, they are joined by th...

    scotland, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror

  • Hungry

    by Goldfish

    Have you ever wondered what HUNGARY is like? No? Too bad! From history to NOT politics, I will try to present Hungary in all of it's glory! By tha...

    scotland, Comedy

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