by Haiko Hörnig

    Our firsts book "The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles" is finally available! Order your copy wherever books are sold! :) Follow us: In...

    secrets, Fantasy

  • Confessions

    by Bsienk

    •See Patreon to support the conclusion!• The year is 1978. Jimmy carter is president. The Cold War is ongoing. Computers for the average consumer i...

    secrets, Drama


    by sarimopi

    Fearful of the consequences, Ollie has kept a secret his whole life... However, now that time is running out, he can only hope the mysterious fores...

    secrets, Fantasy

  • Atomgrad-29

    by Atomgrad-29

    Imagine moving to a new town when you just hit puberty. What a bummer since it's a military area, so fun levels are zero with a curfew and armed check...

    secrets, BL, Mystery, Slice of life

  • Reckless

    by Clare Cassidy

    Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal. Life was easy when you were the King of your school, but when you get rivalry on the field, th...

    secrets, BL

  • Arrangement with a Billionaire

    by Mandy Rosko

    NEW CHAPTERS ON FRIDAYS Isla King is fiercely independent. But her family business was taken over by Calendri Corp, leaving her parents' marriage i...

    secrets, Romance

  • The Kaines Project

    by alezzia

    A daily life story of orphan siblings; Ella, Elli and Eric Kaine, and their struggles of trying to live normal lives while trying to break free from t...

    secrets, Drama, Slice of life, Science fiction

  • Twisted Magic

    by Barbara J Webb

    His magic could heal anything except a broken heart. Fleeing losses he can't bear to face and a war he doesn't want to remember, Korin has come to ...

    secrets, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Vow

    by Mossa

    Ever since Aster’s mother died, home no longer feels like home. Now, she’s little more than a prisoner behind gilded bars; her father growing more dis...

    secrets, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Beauty of the Sea

    by orion

    Cora is heir-apparent to the throne of Aecor and with endless duties to rise to her mother’s regal legacy, her anxieties and worries grow worse with e...

    secrets, Fantasy

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