• To Love Again

    by Mamka

    After his mother's passing and the heartbreak of his first love, Oliver Evern has given up on the concept of love. The new kid in town, Jules Haye...

    sensitive_topics, BL, Comedy, Drama

  • Rebirth:Theory (Original)

    by Reni

    DISCLAIMER: Rebirth:Theory is a story that isn't suitable for all audiences, even if it was written by someone as young as I am. This story is a m...

    sensitive_topics, Fantasy

  • Unfeeling Me

    by Samurai+

    What's the old saying again? "life begins at 30?" no, that's not it... "you'll have your life figured out by the time you're 30?" sounds about right b...

    sensitive_topics, Romance, GL, Mystery

  • A Rifle to a Rose - Vol. 2

    by kleptotoid

    RIFLES AND ROSES SERIES - BOOK 2 Our childhoods are sacred, and their reminiscent memories warm our hearts even in the coldest of times. For James ...

    sensitive_topics, BL, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • Tyson

    by Tamago

    "He was 8, he didn't know the world well yet. It wasn't his fault-... ...are you okay?" Tyson Aster is a traumatized boy who must reflect on past ev...

    sensitive_topics, Horror, Drama, Slice of life