• Heroes of Thantopolis

    by Strontium

    Cyrus doesn't remember anything, but he's certain he's alive - making his arrival in Thantopolis, the City of the Dead, especially strange. Queen Hele...

    serial, Fantasy

  • TAG

    by Fiver

    After inadvertently becoming ensnared in the phenomenon known as The Authority Game, Micki Morris has just one month to fight her way to the top and k...

    serial, Action

  • Heart Burn

    by R2ninjaturtle

    A fan-made prequel to the film Osmosis Jones, Heart Burn explores the backstory of the movie's villain, Thrax, through the eyes of Scarlette Cyte, a s...

    serial, Drama

  • BP

    by bpmanga

    BP is a sports shounen about beer pong. Written by Ray Chou and Alan Tse Art by Hannes Radke Updates Tuesday and Thursdays.

    serial, Comedy

  • Magical Heroines?!

    by Handspike

    Updates weekdays! Dokidoki Garossu was just your average middle schooler in some Japanese place somewhere--who just so happens to not like magical ...

    serial, Horror, Action, Comedy

  • Los Esmeraldas

    by Sanz Interro

    **NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK** Leona is a hostile alien space pirate who is mentally unstable.When her wanted level is raised to “extreme terrorist” th...

    serial, Science fiction

  • Half Hearted Headache

    by JaysinO

    ARC 2 of Half Hearted Headache follows a slice of life story about unlikely friends in the small city town of Elgin, IL. Following the day to day live...

    serial, Slice of life

  • Glitter: Survivor of Earth

    by Kaitlyn Assmann

    The heartwarming* tale of a unicorn fighting his way through the end of the world, fighting off zombies and making friends along the way. (*Note: This...

    serial, Comedy

  • The Templars of the Shifting Verse

    by Brotacon

    Four immortal heroes are brought together once more by a sudden and unprovoked attack. They must come to terms with their place in a fantasy world tha...

    serial, Fantasy

  • The Mythic Naga

    by Brian Lazarow

    Natalie used to be a normal, high school girl. Popular, a cheerleader, and crushing hard on the lead quarterback. Used to be...Now, everything has cha...

    serial, LGBTQ+, Action, Science fiction

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