• Seven Sins and a Baby

    by TheZodiacLord

    Come one come all to read the story about seven of the most unqualified parents in the world raising a child they find abandoned in the woods. Join...

    seven_sins, Fantasy

  • Pandemonium

    by MaggieW

    Ahra, the proud daughter of the Duke of Riko, finds herself possessed by a demon, her loved ones killed, and her perfect world crumbling into chaos. S...

    seven_sins, Fantasy

  • Birth of a Sin

    by Coda Languez

    Ira Dante, the head of the largest crime family in Monterose, is a bloodthirsty woman who wields powers that are beyond human. When she falls for Tris...

    seven_sins, Action, Romance, Horror


    by VE0L0

    A compelling tale of the Seven Sins. [Updated.. whenever?]

    seven_sins, Fantasy