• Our Primary Interest

    by Cypienne

    Sometimes the only thing worse than the darkness outside is the one in your head; and, sometimes, the only thing that can shine through it is the love...

    shapeshifter, BL

  • Singmire Haze

    by nox.fox

    In the business-driven city of Singmire, jobless Finch quietly copes with life, until he gets to discover that his online boyfriend happens to be a ch...

    shapeshifter, Science fiction

  • Arna (GL)

    by Atkar

    Arna is the result of dozens of scientific and magical experiments in humanity's last ditch attempt for survival - but the end came anyway and the wor...

    shapeshifter, GL, Fantasy

  • Runewriters

    by Shazzbaa

    A fantasy story about a mundane deaf girl trying to help her shapechanger friend and a mute necromancer fix some embarrassing magical mistakes. RW ...

    shapeshifter, Fantasy

  • The Sisters

    by The Sisters Comic

    The Sisters is an episodic urban fantasy comic about three small time practitioners living in Quincy, Massachusetts. The Sisters updates every Thursda...

    shapeshifter, Fantasy

  • Divine Intervention

    by Rae Kitano

    Gay Adult. What happens when a guardian angel, with too much time on his hands, decides to interfere in the lives of other gay creatures. VampirexEl...

    shapeshifter, BL


    by red

    The supernatural story of three kids growing up in the 1980s. --- UPDATES FRIDAYS --- WARNING for violence, blood/gore, swearing and slurs, drug ...

    shapeshifter, Slice of life

  • Calling Affection

    by justprettypoison

    In which an asshole jock Alpha is mated to an apathetic human boy with sociopathic tendencies — who isn't acting like a human should. Drama, rebellion...

    shapeshifter, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Guardian of Calandria

    by Prisim

    Magic isn't extinct, it's concealed by a pissed off redhead. Kira struggles to find balance between pretending to fit in with her fellow villagers ...

    shapeshifter, Fantasy

  • Going Wodwo no.0: Changeling

    by Ari S. Mulch

    A young woman is stalked by a creature that wears her face. Comic is available in print at https://gumroad.com/arimulch

    shapeshifter, Horror

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