• Going Rogue

    by Miss Bonnett

    Tragedy struck the peaceful Briar Pack, after Jacob Coldwell decided to preform a hostile take over. Jess and Drew were given the choice to align with...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Moonlight Love

    by fridge

    Jock x nerd except the nerd is a werewolf Atticus is your average nerdy guy - he likes to read books, doesn't have many friends, gets bullied, and ...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Red Riding Hood

    by VWA

    He glared and grabbed me by the waist, crowding me against the riverbank. My body was pressed flush against his. Heat crept up my neck. A chance me...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Shifter Academy (boyxboyxboyxboy)

    by Naturalin

    Archbridge High is a school for orphaned or dangerous young shifters. It's the last place a squirrel should be. Unfortunately for Kim, he's run out of...

    shifter, BL

  • Calling Affection

    by justprettypoison

    In which an asshole jock Alpha is mated to an apathetic human boy with sociopathic tendencies — who isn't acting like a human should. Drama, rebellion...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Captured Prince (old version)

    by ElijahRose

    Kaleb Blackwood had been confined all his life. Other than being ruthless assassin tethered to the King. The King reluctantly sent the boy to the fro...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • House Cat (ManXMan)

    by J.R.Hillis

    Leo had no problems fitting in anywhere until he moved into a strange town run by werewolves. Once a feared feline now an Alphas pet. Cats don't ma...

    shifter, BL

  • The White Lynx In The Woods

    by CuteCinnamonBun

    In the world of shifters, Kye is a rare and sought after species. After he is sold on the black market to be a pet for a twisted man, he wonders if he...

    shifter, BL

  • Trusting Tradition

    by Kay

    In modern society Omegas are in equal standing with Alphas and Betas, and they are gunning to break the stereotypes that held them back before. Elli...

    shifter, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Shadow Fox

    by LizzieJones

    Wolves aren't like foxes, and this desert clan is nothing like the forests Black Fox is used to. The wolves might be clever, but Black fox is too. So ...

    shifter, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

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