• [ESP] Parejas de OW Fancomics

    by Andrea Leon

    Cada mes cambiaré de "ship" y haré un comic nuevo (5 páginas cada ship) https://www.patreon.com/andorahleon (rewards en Inglés y Español)

    ship, Gaming

  • Novaborn: Tale of Inpherna

    by Raptagon Studios

    Inpherna is the daughter of a noble family, with a promising future. But when tragedy strikes, her world is turned upside down. She is now on the run,...

    ship, Fantasy

  • White Violet

    by Shazleen Khan

    Led by a childhood promise, Violet LeBlanc enters a prestigious private academy in order to reunite with her estranged friends. However, as she soon ...

    ship, Romance

  • Short sheith comics (Voltron)

    by Kaczsia

    A bunch of short funny (mostly) sheith fancomics. Also each one is differnt style because i haven't found my favourite one yet :P SOME OF THESE ARE...

    ship, BL, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Haikyuu!! sets

    by Kael-san

    Little Haikyuu!! pages, a lot of variety, comedy, AU and some illustrations too.

    ship, Comedy

  • White Death

    by Matiazi

    A legend runs from the docks to the great halls of Elion, from which the oceans are haunted by an immortal and his three white tigers. Whenever a shi...

    ship, Horror

  • YuuNaa

    by Nagatsuki Nura

    This is all about Okada Nana and Murayama Yuiri, from a Japanese idol group, AKB48. Some episodes are based on actual events, while some are pure delu...

    ship, Romance

  • Invocare [ONESHOT]

    by J. Lovelace

    J&J AU, alternate Victorian era Jun is preparing for a party hosted by his father. Juto, his demon servant plans to join it to "live it up" for his...

    ship, BL

  • The Palace of Tears

    by Michael Lomon

    On the ravaged earth of the far flung future, pockets of humanity strive for survival and glory. Old tales are reborn, eternal hungers stirred and...

    ship, Fantasy

  • Ol' Johns Gold

    by BloodyArchimedes

    This story is about pirates. NOTE: Status is unfinished, but I may continue. Enjoy what is done yet, and let me know if you like it!

    ship, Action

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