• You and Me

    by Kitty A.

    Molly is a 18 years old girl who, one day finds out she can master electricity, but she's not the only one. Jade will help her out, the girl that Moll...

    shonen, GL


    by Fred Cassar

    A story of three young adults in a city where only heartfelt music can purify all the maddening noise the radio creates. Updates tuesdays and thursda...

    shonen, Slice of life

  • Side Project

    by Buruno Saiodo

    <= READ RIGHT TO LEFT <= Ryoku Itou is an ordinary office worker. Recently, a bad streak began in his life, and due to lack of sleep, he even began t...

    shonen, Action, Fantasy

  • Console Girl

    by Nikoneda & Rafchu

    Kevin lives in a colony on the moon. One day, his Dreamcast becomes alive! Soon, he realizes she's not the only living console and a big war between c...

    shonen, Gaming

  • Ping Pong & Drama

    by Hataoh

    Ping Pong e Drama conta a historia de Lucas Kano, uma criança de 8 anos de idade fissurada por ping pong, não só ele, mas como também toda a sua escol...

    shonen, Action, Drama, Comedy

  • Windy Lightning

    by Maru Exposito

    What if you could use magic to save those you love most, but that might get people trying to burn you to ashes? In a world where every witch must get ...

    shonen, Fantasy

  • Blood Stained Snow

    by Genji Otori

    The world, war-ridden and cruel, is ruled by dragons. In order to acquire superhuman powers, warlords form pacts with dragons and become dragoons. Thi...

    shonen, Action


    by monreal

    Emilio is a schoolboy that works as a mailman communicating couples every day. He rewrites all his classmate's letters to help them, thanks to a speci...

    shonen, Mystery

  • The Child of Eden

    by Parimak

    In a tribal war-torn planet, exists a massive metal civilization, known for leading the industrial revolution of the world. In it lives Zak, a deeply ...

    shonen, Fantasy

  • Toss of Fate

    by Kika

    After briefly meeting once at a color guard competition, fate has a funny way of bringing these boys back to each other. Dylan, a bitter teen proud of...

    shonen, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

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