• Glowing Water

    by anni.abstract

    Petja is done. He just graduated and all his father wants is him becoming a lawyer, since it's family tradition. He doesn't want that kind of life - i...

    shonenai, Romance

  • Demon Ai

    by Fourth Instance

    Bounty hunter demon get caught and refuses to cooperarte but grows a passion about making fun of his warden.

    shonenai, Romance


    by grapecore

    every night Naoki has the same dream: he awakes in a forest glade by night, the full moon shines bright, a gentle breeze... he has no idea where he...

    shonenai, Romance

  • VanCat

    by KariLiu

    Una historia de romance comienza!!!

    shonenai, Romance

  • In the school with

    by Angeles Alonzo

    Javier and Michael are boyfriends of three years but an handsome boy try to separate...

    shonenai, BL

  • Black Feather (english)

    by Merlin

    Alexander is the crown prince of a great kingdom in which humans and halfgods live together. But what he doesn't know is that halfgods are enslaved by...

    shonenai, BL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Sakura-Revealed

    by zave

    Sakura is a BL artist who people secretly thinks that he is a girl, an ero manga artist -by her name-. And ... what if one day this secret is revealed...

    shonenai, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Imaginary Friends

    by Bun

    After Steevy and Happy, it's Ayana's turn! She's a high school student who get in the head with everybody et feel alone at home. Luckily(???) she wi...

    shonenai, BL

  • Spooky Ice

    by Yaya-Chan

    Visit me on Patreon :3 Every little help is a great help to me! www.patreon.com/YayaChan Spooky Ice is my first Shonen-ai Manga. It got publish...

    shonenai, BL

  • Tusk Remake

    by BloodingHeart

    English Remake to my first comic published in 2016 "Tusk" Fang is an orphan who has spent all his life in the street, until he meets Riko, a cheer...

    shonenai, BL, Action, Fantasy

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