• periwinkle

    by matthewart

    Periwinkle is a little penguin who dreams of flight. No matter what he encounters be it rockets, extreme sports, dynamite, robots, comets and even oth...

    shortstory, Comedy

  • Not Love at All-BL

    by karuna

    Kenan is a university student who has a part-time job in the Science department. He meets Cairo who later becomes his advisor under his university pro...

    shortstory, BL, Romance, Mystery

  • Finding Home

    by Zeemo

    When Fiete decides enough is enough he runs away from home - or so he hoped. Instead he somehow finds himself in the home of Levin, a meek boy with a ...

    shortstory, Fantasy

  • Legendary Love

    by KaedeT

    In a vast and mysterious land where no human can reach and only aquatic being had put eyes upon. Under all the darkness and the mysteries of the sea, ...

    shortstory, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Welcome Home

    by Madam Abel

    There is a wolf at the door—and the little rabbit has no choice but to let him in. A short tale about a family and their unexpected guest. Cov...

    shortstory, BL

  • The Alpha is Pregnant?

    by RJMidnight

    Want a short story full of crack and stuff that makes no sense as a light read? Well, you came to the right place. Do you also want an alpha x alpha...

    shortstory, BL, Comedy

  • Depths

    by EchoeOtto

    [Short Story] 14-year-old Maya lives in a bunker at the bottom of the ocean. Even the scientists recording her every move can't predict she won't be a...

    shortstory, Science fiction

  • Milk and Me

    by Bekkie.Yi

    A mysterious experience from childhood, Louie finds himself, he becomes empty after losing his pretend friend as he grows, Milk the stray cat.

    shortstory, Drama

  • Under The Moonlight

    by riddlemeread

    Sebastian Shaw had a secret. Not a very scandalous one that would make people gasp in horror and want to keel over but it was a secret nonetheless. S...

    shortstory, BL, Romance, Slice of life

  • The Beanstalk

    by Yulek Bagel

    "When Jack returned with no money, but a handful of beans, the Mother could have never predicted just how dire the situation was going to be." A rete...

    shortstory, Action, Fantasy

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