• Dishonest Honesty (OLD)

    by pileajoori

    when you're gay for your friend

    shoujo, Romance, BL, Comedy

  • Monster Pop!

    by Maya Kern

    Monster Pop! is a comic about two best friends and the slice of life adventures they share! Monster Pop! is set in an alternate Earth where monsters c...

    shoujo, Slice of life

  • Love Debut!

    by Nika

    *Now complete* Nick Thomas has charming good looks (though he wouldn’t cry if he were just a bit taller), great friends, and a music career that is f...

    shoujo, Romance

  • My Sweet Honey

    by mayapng

    A girls love comic about a clumsy girl and another who's learning to let down her walls

    shoujo, LGBTQ+

  • GREY

    by MsArtisticStuff

    Finally on her last year of high school, Naomi intends to go through her 3rd year as smoothly as possible, her routine including going to school, eat,...

    shoujo, Romance

  • GRRRLS - Short Stories

    by 2glum

    short stories about girls. 1-15 pages each! written by different authors & illustrated by 025GERU [WRITERS WANTED ! contact via 025geru@gmail.com] ...

    shoujo, Slice of life

  • When the Stars Misalign

    by Yuuike

    After six former childhood friends reunite in high school, Elyse and Jhyn encounters a girl that only they can see. Although the mysterious girl has n...

    shoujo, Romance

  • KISL discontinued

    by Plamondon

    ~this series has been discontinued~ BUT FEAR NOT! A better reboot is in progress. Please subscribe to Kiara in Shoujo Land for more. What happe...

    shoujo, Comedy

  • Stay Clear

    by rainemi

    FANTASY|ROMANCE Tolbert, the second prince of the Kingdom of Santa Dea, has been born with a curse. Out of fear, the King had him locked within the p...

    shoujo, Romance

  • Capriccio

    by Merryweather

    Victoria Sterling moves to the massive neon lighted city of Capriccio, the European capital of all things showbiz, as she hopes to become an agent. ...

    shoujo, Romance

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