• Salamander

    by Saint Bree

    Can a villain and hero fall in love? Yuri/GL Erin works at a pet shop in Boston, MA where a devastating event unfolds leaving her with the ability t...

    shoujoai, Action, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Maple Hollow

    by HaruMei

    Daniella returns to her late Mother’s hometown to start a new life as an amateur farmer. She arrives at Maple Hollow only to find out that her mother’...

    shoujoai, Romance, GL, Fantasy

  • A Mild Flavor

    by Rurin

    A different series of love which defines no gender.

    shoujoai, Romance, GL, Slice of life

  • Yuriverse: Girls' Love Anthology

    by kanon

    A series of wholesome and heartwarming girls' love one-shot stories.

    shoujoai, GL

  • Celestial Sins EN

    by Balsyka

    Levi is a descendant of a great demon but she has been sent to the lowest level-Custody of a human. Because of this he decides to turn his human into ...

    shoujoai, GL

  • She's A Keeper

    by Darunni

    The rate of kidnappings in Phili has been going crazy. Clara del Samson happens to be a daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman. Fo sho she’s one ...

    shoujoai, Romance, Drama, GL

  • Rising Shards

    by Chiral

    When she suddenly grows fangs alongside strange new powers, Zeta Faleur has to adjust to life at Rising Shards, a Cani boarding school. Zeta sinks her...

    shoujoai, GL, Fantasy, Slice of life

  • God's assistant/Kami's assistant

    by DrizDew

    >>I led a happy life. With great friends. And a wonderful family. I had a nice time indeed. But. That is... Until I died.<< Umeko's life came to a...

    shoujoai, GL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Sea Glass

    by Anna Mao

    Isra the pirate captain goes out to plunder a ship, but her plan doesn't turn out like she expected when she encounters a mysterious woman in her way....

    shoujoai, GL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • lilies (GL)

    by homuchisas

    ♡ A reserved and cold girl named Kana, and a confident and outgoing girl named Ena both seem to have never experienced love or a deep connection. ...

    shoujoai, Romance

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