• The Martyr's Rebellion 殉教者の叛逆

    by Ruriko 琉璃仙

    Support this comic through: www.patreon.com/rurikosama *Dark Fantasy/Plot Driven/Gore/Angst Shounen Ai Drama*/Humanity vs Religion "Purgatory or H...

    shounen, Fantasy


    by Rigrug

    Reading sequence > right to left https://www.facebook.com/therianthropecomic This is a Fantasy, action, romance story In a world where unrest is ram...

    shounen, Fantasy

  • Echofreak

    by wickedalucard

    [Read left to right] In a world where hauntings are a common occurrence, ghost banishing has become your typical day-job. One of these banishers, R...

    shounen, Fantasy

  • I don't want to become a manga protagonist!

    by GesuGesu

    In a certain world where everyone simply accepts that kids born with unnatural hair colours are fated to become something special, a girl with pink ha...

    shounen, Comedy

  • Windy Lightning

    by Maru Exposito

    What if you could use magic to save those you love most, but that might get people trying to burn you to ashes? In a world where every witch must get ...

    shounen, Fantasy

  • Skyblade (Hiatus)

    by Sera Swati

    Airboarding! It's not near-future America's most popular sport, but for childhood friends, Mac and Andy, it means everything. When a former te...

    shounen, Drama

  • Errant

    by Kate Holden

    Rekki has always dreamed of being a magical knight and giving demons the smackdown, but when Excalibur is drawn and this simple childhood wish comes t...

    shounen, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy



    Story of a twin who is a half-human half-demon who wants to revenge the death of their beloved mother. they become one and transform into a powerful d...

    shounen, Action, Fantasy

  • Infinite The Journey

    by 1H3R0

    Writer : 1H3RO Pencils : Sebas Riera Inks and Tones : Si-o (Sion) Infinite is a story of origin..action..and adventure. In a world where an age o...

    shounen, Action

  • Manick

    by Chii

    "Bounty Hunters, Beasts and Bad Guys" **Updates Tuesday at 6PM UK Time**

    shounen, Fantasy

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