• It's Just A Myth

    by John

    Basically about how mythology and folklore mixing in real life. The MC is Soner, who is half siren half human.

    sience_fiction, Mystery


    by maxibecco

    Accept what you can become, in the face of enemies we don't know. With allies we cannot trust. Fear your inner demons that can awaken in this conflict...

    sience_fiction, Horror, Action, Science fiction

  • Virgo

    by lomcia

    A combination of two comics with similar universes. Crossover between the Amordei comic by SoraSeiden and the Hok/RE:Eclipse comic by lomcia. A confli...

    sience_fiction, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Space Exorcist

    by Filthy Sleeves

    When a sinister apparition awakens in the tunnels of the mining world Ravaggia to lay waste to the minds of men, a new breed of medium is called upon ...

    sience_fiction, Horror

  • moon eye

    by Mrunexplained

    a girl named cluna find a strange creature which gave her a power to pull a pearl out of peoples head leading to their death whatever she understands ...

    sience_fiction, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

  • My Journey to Zalvarés

    by Natsu

    There's been an infamous rumor about an island that takes you back to history. "It's called Zalvarés," says doctor Phillips. Dominic, a college st...

    sience_fiction, Fantasy