• Sin

    by Elasix

    The daughter of a strict pastor is in love with the new transfer student, will she be able to hide her love from her peers and family? Or will she com...


  • SIN

    by Beau Van Dalen

    A short story collection, featuring romance pieces between humans and otherworldy beings. [The Tapas versions of these stories are censored due to ...

    BL, Romance, Horror

  • Sinful

    by heartsandcrosses_

    When an old enemy comes back into innocent Brynn's simple life, a world of chaos follows.


  • Sinking

    by eternaljade1111

    Andrew is a 16 year-old boy who cannot control his emotions. Sometimes he has many emotions at once or none at all. For as long as he can remember, An...

    Science fiction

  • Sinshei

    by ValeG

    Ekam and Risuke. They don't know each other but they both have godly powers. Guess what will happen when they meet... (Find the artis...

    sinshei, Fantasy

  • SIN

    by WretchedDesire

    A post-apocalyptic world filled with creatures that roam the earth. Two teens may change the fate bestowed on them. One who rules all, which one shall...

    Fantasy, Mystery, Horror

  • Sinning With Master | Sinners In Love Series

    by CameoLover93

    Sinning With Master, Book 1 of the Sinners In Love series. - Lucas Jordan is a wild child. He's a free-spirited extrovert who likes to party ...

    BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Singular. PT-BR

    by Nekorare

    Amanda Ribeiro, uma jovem que após um encontro inesperado, sua vida pacífica se tornou agitada por causa de eventos misteriosos que agora fazem parte ...

    singular, Mystery

  • Corpus X Sin

    by SavilleHyde

    The trick is to feel nothing... Marcy, Cal's high school classmate, had been missing, and Cal was the last one to see her. For 12 years he was ...

    Fantasy, Mystery, Horror

  • Sinfully Yours

    by pragyachhabria

    Isabella, a young lawyer who despises men and truly believes love is not for her meets her first male client, Chris, a business tycoon whose hobby is ...

    Comedy, Romance, Drama

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