by Quirkilicious

    Chapters released weekly! SIN takes place in a dystopian future derived from a universe similar to ours. With resources scarce, global factions cam...

    sin, Science fiction

  • The Next Reaper

    by Deus Jet

    In a not too distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place... What happens when the Watchers of our world abandon us? When Death is too old t...

    sin, Fantasy

  • S.I.N

    by HIME ♔ NAYA

    Every interrogator that has spoken to Adeline has mysteriously died. But Lacey Bennett; the newest interrogator assigned to this mass murder case seem...

    sin, Action, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Eighth Sin

    by Azukidere

    For centuries, the seven demonic knights of the seven sins have been matched by the seven holy knights of the seven virtues, a recurrent order of seve...

    sin, Fantasy

  • Sins of the Seven Demons

    by Merui

    You are an exchange student at the Royal Academy of Diavolo, an academy of demons. There you encountered seven demon brothers who changed your life. H...

    sin, Fantasy

  • a Glimpse of Eternity

    by Isi-Daddy

    Giving mortals the power of the Gods was a mistake, Ivory - The God of Giving – had experienced, but instead of swallowing their pride and rolling bac...

    sin, Fantasy

  • The Sin

    by puppiesarehowling

    Annie meets an angel, or so she thought, she's named Akhsa and is the daughter of a business man named Caleb. Daemon used to be the friend of the girl...

    sin, Romance

  • RevivalPsalm

    by SdeeyS

    A collections of stories about angles and demons and encounters between God and men

    sin, Fantasy

  • Unstab me, Death!

    by Suited

    Unstab me, Death! is a monthly released comedy/drama about a woman who travels to the underworld in search of Death, but instead finds the most ridicu...

    sin, Comedy

  • Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

    by Khun-Dy

    This is a story of Adam and Eve, but instead of forgiveness, its curses of betrayal. The tree of knowledge of good and evil is the embodiment of eve, ...

    sin, Horror

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