• Jamie

    by Bre Indigo , Tami

    [ Coming of Age | LGBTQ+ | Young Adult ] At his aunt’s wedding, Jamie, a young hopeless romantic, bumps into Aiden, a socially inept pretty boy, wh...

    slow_burn, Drama, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • DaiMaou

    by Amanduur

    TL;DR: Shitty comedy masquerading as an actual fantasy comic LOL. In an attempt to strip him of his power, Enon seeks to steal Azaroth's gold vesse...

    slow_burn, BL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Dissent

    by LinneaDoodles

    A cursed prince must rely on a witch to free him from an enchantment. But witchcraft is banned, and the two young men have little in common. As love b...

    slow_burn, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Bound-The Contract

    by Anne Luise P

    Every mage has a page- tucked away in the sewing rooms of the monastery - as the anchoring shield of every mage. And Embry has Kuo. But keeping the re...

    slow_burn, BL, Drama, Fantasy

  • Copper eyes

    by Inky

    Government issued Loveless TM pills were designed to regulate romantic emotions and avoid the complications of falling in love. But when Darcy forgets...

    slow_burn, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Heavy Horns

    by Joanne Kwan

    [Complete] Guy meets guy, but it isn't love at first sight. Just how will Andreas ever get along with the enthusiastic Beau remains to be seen. An unr...

    slow_burn, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Kiss It Better

    by DogshitJay

    Mature Novel 18+| Boy loves girl or boy loves boy? Deadbeat millennial Inho Kim just wanted to surprise his long-distance girlfriend. So, why the hell...

    slow_burn, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Until Sunset

    by Kayworx

    https://www.patreon.com/Kayworx Isaac has resigned himself to being stuck alone in his family holiday house for 2 months – that is until he meets Der...

    slow_burn, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Heart to Heart: Fated Paths

    by EmAuthor

    "Find the love of your life, get married, have lots of babies, and live happily ever after". Erin Holloway, college student and Omega, thought that...

    slow_burn, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Take Off

    by jui

    Two men on a plane, what could possibly go wrong? This is a slow burn comic!!

    slow_burn, Romance, BL, Drama

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