• Swords of Edo

    by AJTilley

    A series following the Justicars of Edo, a group of powerful female warriors who spend their lives defending the people against all threats to peace.

    sniper, Fantasy

  • Dungeon Sniper

    by DavidKoon

    A quirky professional gamer beta tests a New World in development, project-named 'Dungeon.'

    sniper, Fantasy

  • Dead Bolt

    by Fluffy-Wolfe

    A series of one shot comics and stories following the adventurous life of a famous sniper hit man that goes by the nickname "Dead Bolt" AKA: Marlene R...

    sniper, Action


    by Halogens

    A botched prison break leads to the resurrection of an ancient threat. The warden, a sniper witch known as Oletta the Owl, gets the privilege of attem...

    sniper, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Jack WhoAmI

    by Lody Art Comics

    Traveler of both space and time... Jack WhoAmI, a traveler of both space and time, wanderer of the Multi-verse. The Multi-verse is an infin...

    sniper, Action