• Silversong

    by Sugar Fiend

    Silversong is an high fantasy adventure comic. Tebetha is a young girl whose farsight ironically caused her to blindly stumble upon a dangerous plot a...

    sorcery, Fantasy

  • Witchcraft

    by Jawsum

    "Be careful what you witch for." Witchcraft - The story of a witch who only wants to experience true love, but instead binds herself to a death sum...

    sorcery, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Unknown Lands

    by toherrys

    A story about a bunch of punks with too much power for anyone's good. *Sex, drugs and violence* Updates Tues&Thurs A bandit, a runaway heir, and...

    sorcery, Fantasy

  • In your Skin

    by Moemai

    This time I'm sharing my comic In your Skin, one of my most recent one with bits of precious Ink & Ashley inside ♥ Two updates per week !! (If you...

    sorcery, Fantasy

  • The Bad Witch

    by kudef

    Wendla is just trying to do the best she can. She may not be a very good village witch, but she's all they've got.

    sorcery, Comedy

  • Damage for Damian

    by keke

    Jude Malakai is a sorcerer living in the modern world. For fifteen years, his family isolated him from society because they believed he was insane. Af...

    sorcery, BL

  • Codex Black

    by Shi-Gu

    An unknown darkness looms over the Cemanahuac and only the fateful encounter of Donaji & Itzcacalotl may light a fire of hope. An original adventure...

    sorcery, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • HELM

    by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    sorcery, Fantasy

  • Sophie the Giantslayer

    by Kay Carmichael

    Sophie the Giant-Slayer is a black and white adventure comic about a little girl fighting giants.

    sorcery, Fantasy

  • Cosmos Song

    by Cosmosgirl87

    Cosmos Song is a Fantasy-Romance comic about a bubbly young sorceress named Roxy from an island village known as Pyll'ar. Little does Roxy know that h...

    sorcery, Romance

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