• Paper Jam

    by RJ RALS.

    "You wanna make paper jam with me?" Chandra returns to her hometown and finds the book she used to write notes in with a girl that she knew. Thinki...

    southeast_asian, GL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Desendi

    by Crispy-Ghee

    Now Updating Every Wednesday! The search for a missing hero leads a young warrior into the shadows of a haunted forest, where she encounters beasts...

    southeast_asian, Fantasy

  • Pasukan Cewek

    by komiktaksa

    A teenage girl transfers to a new school renowned for its delinquency. Struggling to make friends, Chandra finds herself caught in a power struggle am...

    southeast_asian, Action

  • Dreams of Hearts and Crowds

    by Gusapat

    When it first started, none of the bands expected their careers to take off where they are headed now. Yet Indoquake thrived. What initially began as ...

    southeast_asian, LGBTQ+, Drama, Slice of life