• The Sea and the Wolf

    by KJBatson

    Hali always instinctively knows the right thing to do, until a wolf attacks her on a city street. Now all she knows is that a dark force is after her....

    special_abilities, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Missing Haruka

    by Suishou Yuki

    Haruka is missing. Curiosity got her trapped in a scheme with nine others, where the only way out is death. Now a human lab rat, she's all but resi...

    special_abilities, Action

  • Nyotellic: The Lone Survivor (OLD VERSION)

    by ReddenedKitsune

    !!!UPDATE!!! Nyotellic: The Lone Survivor is being redone and there will no longer be updates here. Nyotellic was known as a peaceful planet, but ...

    special_abilities, Fantasy

  • Soul-Realm Cards

    by Luxican

    One day towers fell from the sky. White, their exterior smooth. The End of the World, the Apocalypse, the Judgement Day. Mankind was in a panic. F...

    special_abilities, BL, Science fiction, Mystery

  • Tash

    by boonimajneB

    Tash, an old nerd with a young mind returns from a trip to Taiwan, unknowingly carrying a strange curse cast upon him by a senile gypsy. He soon dis...

    special_abilities, Comedy

  • The Blessed

    by ChewyChip1314

    Ava Winters is a student at St. Pilots Boarding school for Girls. On one particularly odd morning Ava meets the mysterious Phantom who wants to take s...

    special_abilities, Fantasy