• Bullets & Spells

    by ThoughtsRoamGuy

    Worlds collide when a young woman is saved by a witch after being double-crossed. The fates of Hollyhock and Hazel become entwined as they delve deepe...


  • Stubborn Spells ~ GL

    by Cecília Falconiere

    Anamaria has a curse on her. Whatever she did, wherever she went, she brought bad luck, and no wizard or physician from her hometown has a cure for th...

    spells, GL

  • tarot readings, spells, tips for witches

    by knobody621

    daily tarot card pulls, occasional reading, spells, and tips

    spells, Fantasy, Non-fiction

  • Royal Witch

    by MusicTrix

    Lyra is a princess who hate the royal lifestyle. Her parents were from a long line of witches and wizards but the problem was she didn't know and they...

    spells, Fantasy

  • Witch

    by Kat Dehring

    Witch is a story of inheriting a responsibility you never asked for and how one woman responds to a world she never knew existed. Piety thought she kn...

    spells, Fantasy

  • Oh Hex

    by Furious Peach

    Keir and his parents moved to escape the city. It was too loud, too populated, and too grimy. No good for practicing nature magic. At least that’s wh...

    spells, BL

  • Witchy Wanderings

    by Raven Diamond

    Angel is your average bookstore clerk in the heart of your typical downtown tourist trap. She's discontented with her life and knows something is miss...

    spells, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • Vampire Chronicles

    by billieeatsoreos

    Imagine So many of your loved ones died, hurt, forgotten. You have to start over in a new town. "Hey, I'm Ash." "I'm Stefan." New discoveries. What if...

    spells, BL, Mystery, Drama

  • Mythical

    by Anna N. Amiss

    When a princess was abducted by a rebel group that might not be human, a boy has been requested to save her. However, along the way the situation only...

    spells, Fantasy

  • The Ragnix Circle

    by samuelbunnya

    The world has changed... To have no magic or anything to do with magic is to be considered weak; no better than the dark faecal matter in the pits; w...

    spells, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

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