• I Made a Deal with the Devil

    by kazzenlx

    Shamelessly betrayed by her fiance and cruelly framed by her family, Eva Young swore to herself that she would make everyone who had wronged her regre...

    spicy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • I Made a Deal with the Devil [Novel]

    by kazzenlx

    "I don't have enough money or power right now, but I will definitely find a way to bring them all to their knees! I'll make them all beg!" She hissed,...

    spicy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • FourGirls☆

    by Furboz

    These girls share their lives as they go through college. A not so easy task when your roomies are as opposite as day and night! Cats and dogs livi...

    spicy, Comedy

  • Lines Crossed

    by KatWilkinson

    LC IS BACK UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY! In Rewrites. But just to improve the grammar and stuff like that. Mina Taylor is at a point in here life where ...

    spicy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Voice of Reason

    by Mia

    Young Eric of Adderstone is tasked by his bedridden father to visit the neighbouring principality of Belbrook, whose prince regnant just tragically di...

    spicy, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • AyeComics

    by AyeComics

    Hello I'm a Australian Web comic Artist who likes to make fun of the annoying things in life or just making fun of life in general. If You want to si...

    spicy, Comedy

  • Unnamed

    by ClownClone

    This comic is about the adventures of Tim,Billy, Frank and Fer, four friends who live somewhere in Alabama.

    spicy, Comedy

  • A Divine New World

    by RavenMae98

    This story is of two girls whose lives change because of a single bite. I want to start with a small back story of one of the main characters. Arabell...

    spicy, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Cheese and Wine

    by dandelion.

    Jocelyn Brown just scored a job at one of the biggest companies, Wine, and gets to work alongside her best friend, Katia Lares. Life seems to be going...

    spicy, Romance