• Would I Lie To You?

    by kogla

    Young Loki woke up in a strange place surrounded by strange people he never meets before or did he? Now he tries to find out what happened to him and ...

    spiderman, Romance

  • Prosthetic Parker

    by spiderstan_

    The Prosthetic Parker AU is a concept I work on from time to time. It's an alternate universe where the consequences of Spiderman : Homecoming were......

    spiderman, Action

  • Spider/Venom - Fan Comic

    by Shwurdart (Loo)

    Peter Parker encounters a strange new life form. Little does he know this alien creature could impact his relationships and heroic personality. Thi...

    spiderman, Action

  • Alternative Endgame

    by spiderstan_

    Alternative Endgame, my new canon.

    spiderman, Action

  • The Anarchic Spider-Punk

    by AlpineShowTime

    Rebellious teenage punk, Hobie Brown, tries helping Peter Parker get over his uncle's assassination. Resulting in inspiring him to become the Prowler,...

    spiderman, Action

  • Spidey Sad Stories: Moving

    by Dan Rafter

    Here's a little fan-fiction tale of my favorite superhero. I wrote this and Mike Rickaby lettered it. The amazing artwork is done by phenylketonurics,...

    spiderman, Slice of life

  • Spider Bros.

    by Jane Bardemston

    What will happen if a truck from a certain pharma company carrying hundreds of genetically and radioactively modified spiders got into an accident, re...

    spiderman, Comedy

  • Bat and Spider

    by DanBeirigo

    A silly and light hearted crossover adventure featuring Batman and Spider-man. This is non profit fan project. new updates as soon as they are ...

    spiderman, Mystery, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Origins

    by rabi

    Mary Vincent "Mithy" McCarter is an english mercenary who ends up meeting a canadian psycho called Deadpool. With him, and a kid from Queens, she need...

    spiderman, Action

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    by MUTUAL

    With so many heroes in New York City what makes this the web head so different? Well for starters he's a teenager, hes a big nerd, and he is the one w...

    spiderman, Action

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