• Aloe

    by glowbat

    When a rude amnesiac robot named Fin ends up in their care, Aloe’s quiet life becomes chaotic. Together they look for a way to restore his memories- b...

    succulents, Science fiction

  • Succulents comics

    by Kotopopi

    Beverly doesn't have the green thumb but she loves plants. So here comes Eric and his friends. Get ready to have a succulent pet! Updates every MO...

    succulents, Comedy

  • Prickly Pear

    by colleenlaurel

    Hawthorne’s love life is a bisexual disaster. He’s got two crushes, a crazy ex, and intense anxiety. To find love and confidence, this botanist must c...

    succulents, Romance, LGBTQ+

  • The Book of Decay

    by Creative-Caro

    Mara is a proud guard of the desert town Fahra. Together with her comrade, she has to see her home suddenly collapse and both of them are faced with a...

    succulents, Fantasy