• Neon Glow

    by AlkseeyaKC

    Jake and Zedof work together catching radioactive ghost animals called neons.

    super_natural, Romance, BL, Action

  • The Justice Guardians

    by Stephen Sharpe

    It's been 12 years since Sovereign City and it's Heroes fell, but a lifelong fan, Jessica Hayes still believes that her heroes managed to survive. ...

    super_natural, Action, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Ghostie Kisses

    by Cl0wn.V0m1t

    A girl lives alone in her apartment and is as lonely as ever until a ghost wonders into her apartment. Together they laugh and have fun and form a clo...

    super_natural, GL

  • Reaper Inc.

    by Katharpy

    *Currently in development +18, LGBTQ+ After an attempted murder that resulted in losing her arms, Rien was saved by her brother by turning her i...

    super_natural, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Pumpkins and tea

    by Indi Huiswoud

    Mara is a young witch who is going to her first day at school at a normal people village. She meets a strange boy who she starts a friendship with. Th...

    super_natural, Fantasy

  • The Elementals

    by PeakDistortion

    Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and ? make up this powerful team. In a world of humans who can develop elemental powers, something dark grows nearer and near...

    super_natural, BL

  • Zee

    by Kamignarly

    Flashy vampires with weird powers not getting along with one another.

    super_natural, Drama

  • Heaven At Bar 8

    by Thaemin

    The fresh adult Timothy just got into university, accepted a part-time job to pay off his fee from the very beginning and got himself a good hearted g...

    super_natural, Mystery

  • Full Storm

    by Bradley, Stempher.

    A city in ruin. Heroes bringing more devastation. A lone Vigilante slowly becoming irrelevant. Will he lose hope, or fight for the safety of the ...

    super_natural, Action

  • The Witch and The Wolf

    by xomii

    When Nova and pavo accepted a simple request to gather tea leaves they never thought it would have become so complicated. With pavo missing and nova s...

    super_natural, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

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