• Aquaphobia

    by Kactus Kid

    Despite having an intense fear of the ocean, 17 year old Finn Lake suddenly develops the ability to control water. Now it's all a matter of sink or sw...

    super_powers, Drama, GL, LGBTQ+

  • ECHO

    by Hisekii

    In a world where the majority can manipulate sound, the strong are the ones who reign superior. Is it right to fight for freedom? Or should the world ...

    super_powers, Fantasy

  • Our Heroes

    by ReyesNovell

    Arriving at the Lind Heroics Academy, for the first time Ren feels he might have the chance to become more than the misjudged outcast he's always been...

    super_powers, Romance


    by 0tacoon

    (Monday and Friday!) In a world filled with sand and shootouts, there awakens a young woman. Ravee is lost and confused, no longer the same person sh...

    super_powers, Action

  • Real Dreams

    by dropthedrawings

    https://www.patreon.com/simonfletcher Life was pretty normal for Viccas, Suzy and Jake. Until the dreams started... Welcome to the place where th...

    super_powers, Fantasy

  • Super Apps

    by PM Fiction

    What would you do if a company released an app which gave you superpowers? Super Apps tells the story of Tom & Lily in such a world where superpowers ...

    super_powers, Action

  • Mind Reader

    by lasyor

    A rebellious teen with gorgeous looks. A well-behaved student with a passion for sport. A cold- hearted bully with a secret. Three types of popular gi...

    super_powers, Action, GL, Fantasy

  • The Sea and the Wolf

    by KJBatson

    Hali always instinctively knows the right thing to do, until a wolf attacks her on a city street. Now all she knows is that a dark force is after her....

    super_powers, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Mega Maiden

    by Teh Andeh

    As Mega Maiden, Isis Cook is empowered with a superhuman rack and superhuman strength by the gods. With her long-time internet bestie Delaney Bell ...

    super_powers, Action, Comedy

  • Park of Plutonia

    by Hyper

    No one told you about the growing up you do when you're already "grown up". What are you supposed to do when you're almost 20 and still haven't gotten...

    super_powers, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Comedy

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