• Shooting for your Heart

    by BABYbluez

    When Yang Yoonjae said he wanted to become a girl so he could date his straight best friend, Jung Daehan, he didn't think the universe would take his ...

    super_sons, Horror, BL, Drama

  • GREY

    by MsArtisticStuff

    Finally on her last year of high school, Naomi intends to go through her 3rd year as smoothly as possible, her routine including going to school, eat,...

    super_sons, Romance

  • Confessions

    by Bsienk

    •See Patreon to support the conclusion!• The year is 1978. Jimmy carter is president. The Cold War is ongoing. Computers for the average consumer i...

    super_sons, Drama

  • Black Sheep

    by Gadriann

    Estranged from his wife and son while scraping through life as a low-paying private investigator, Markus received a mysterious note that promises a gr...

    super_sons, Horror, Drama, Mystery

  • ZERØES (Discontinued)

    by Dave Stankoven

    New uploads here: https://tapas.io/series/ZEROESscript

    super_sons, Science fiction

  • The Other Half

    by bumblevip

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY that's it that's the description hfhfjdj jk This is a story about Lucas and Ethan, two boys, who'll have to go on adventure...

    super_sons, Romance

  • When You Were Here

    by BAITOR

    One day, a boy wakes up to find someone in a room with the same shirt as him. 2-3 Chapter story

    super_sons, Mystery

  • Pixel Cat

    by Kimu

    The life of a quiet cat in a strange world~Originally Pixel Cat was going to be an RPG Maker game! Hoping in the future to still do it!

    super_sons, Fantasy

  • Bottled Up

    by TamarinFrog

    Welcome to Maalja. A world where everything and everyone revolve around a magical liquid called nectar. But how does their society acquire nectar, whe...

    super_sons, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • Area 9

    by KiaraNovaStar

    An original one shot by Kiara Llewellyn/Kiara Lee (Lumi/Lumnili/Nova/Supern-0-va). Area 9 can now be purchased in book format! http://lumiart.sto...

    super_sons, Science fiction

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