• Alliance13:13

    by Calicopikachu

    Two girls are roommates. One is a supervillain, the other a superhero. And it all started with a bad joke and boob-punching her off a building. A sill...

    supervillain, Comedy

  • Big F*cking Hammer

    by Danny Djeljosevic

    Madison Tiger is a teenager with the uncanny ability to puke up a giant hammer every time she eats. When she learns about the evil forces running her ...

    supervillain, Action


    by el!

    a hero and a villain fight for justice and evil... but is there something more between them? https://twitter.com/PROVILCOMIC

    supervillain, Romance, Action, LGBTQ+

  • Rise of Omega

    by J. Z. Castillo

    On December 21, 2012, 5% of Earth's population suffers a sudden mutation. Supernatural powers awaken within people and slowly they become known in the...

    supervillain, Action

  • Kill Them with Kindness

    by J. A. Jumphol

    Binx is a normal non-binary student with a secret... They are a super villain! Since they are a super villain, they have a nemesis and that nemesis...

    supervillain, LGBTQ+, Comedy, Romance


    by Marty Shinozaki

    An invincible serpent witch Red Hand and a deer mutant Deer live peacefully and wickedly, ignoring heroes, this is a lesbian Vilan comic.

    supervillain, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Magic Advisor

    by MissMagicGirl

    Magic Advisor is a fantasy comedy / lesbian romance series. Lizzy is a magic advisor helping people out with supernatural problems. Prim is a glamorou...

    supervillain, GL

  • Eblis Is Burning

    by frank propose

    Eblis Is Burning, a dark psychological LGBTQ+ superhero drama about queer antiheroes and smashing the gender binary. -- Ah yes, the two genders:...

    supervillain, Action, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Villainess Ventures

    by Majikura

    Enter the world of Professional Supervillainy. Having trouble paying off the loans on your doomsday weapon? Are your minions going out on strike? S...

    supervillain, Comedy

  • Villainous: Pop Roxx

    by Marquis Draper

    From the world of Villainous, get familiar with Pop Roxx, a young kleptomaniac who uses gum and style to commit her crimes!

    supervillain, Action

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