• Ai

    by GreyHood_Productions

    Ai is a love fairy and it's his job to create love in the world but he cannot give love without first receiving it. So he sets out to find his soulmat...

    teen_love, Romance

  • Possession

    by GreyHood_Productions

    Every human being is born with a soul, every human except Kikotsu. Ki has a faulty soul and because of it he can see spirits and bond with them. A nor...

    teen_love, Action

  • High Angst

    by xclassirockx

    Some angst filled boys try to figure out their relationship and feelings. What would you do if you had feelings for your best friend? Probably not b...

    teen_love, Slice of life

  • Heaven At Bar 8

    by Thaemin

    The fresh adult Timothy just got into university, accepted a part-time job to pay off his fee from the very beginning and got himself a good hearted g...

    teen_love, Mystery

  • Running From A Serial Killer

    by Luna Love

    Tessa Cole is an 18-year-old girl, who is being chased by a serial killer, Max Redman. Tessa met Max when she was 17 and she fell in love. He said ...

    teen_love, Horror

  • The tale of two Romeos

    by GreyHood_Productions

    George was born into a very religious family, he learnt about right and wrong and not to sin, until one day he gets detention and meets Killian. They ...

    teen_love, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Dear Taylor

    by peanut

    This story is about two friends who secretly in love but they didn't want to admit it until one day, Taylor found out that Benjamin moved into another...

    teen_love, Romance

  • Her Mistake

    by Luna Love

    She was 16 and fell in love. She thought he was the love of her life. She always asked about him, but he never talked about him that much. But t...

    teen_love, Romance

  • The Queens Last Tarragon Keeper

    by The Tarragon

    For years, Tarragon were used for war animals by royal armies. Now, in times of peace, the Tarragon population has dwindled to a small population used...

    teen_love, Romance

  • The Moonlight Smile that Stole my Heart

    by kushalksingh10

    A love story of a young writer is a very suspicious one. Like a writer, the story is enclosed in a book written by the narrator's owner. The narrator ...

    teen_love, Romance, Drama

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