• The Bet

    by Dolly Grand

    The rich kid with a perfect life is challenged to make the bad boy with a bad temper fall in love with him - and things get messy when he starts to en...

    teenage_drama, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Her First

    by leonfudo

    Mara always was a giant with love for archery and cute girls. Her life was pretty normal until the most popular girl in school demanded her to be her ...

    teenage_drama, Romance

  • the creepy bunnies

    by Nat Es

    high school drama. a lot of indie and emo music. anxiety. teenagers. important decisions. anxiety. mcdonald's. broken heart. a lot of doubt. truancy. ...

    teenage_drama, Slice of life

  • The Book of Randomness

    by David Conceição

    Very old collection of loosely related gag comics. The zany, outlandish, surreal misadventures of a motley band of highschool pals - Any resemblance t...

    teenage_drama, Slice of life