• Error_404

    by Bunny

    >Error_, Your Feelings Cannot Be Found_ >Error_, You Cannot Be Found_ >Error_, You Do Not Exist_ Warning: Some mature stuff happens, just a fair ...

    tense, Drama

  • xx STALKER xx

    by Gem

    He looks like a normal school boy with a normal life... but online and outside of school grounds, he is a stalker with one tipe of target... boys.

    tense, Horror, BL, Mystery

  • Just you and me

    by rukii28

    It starts as an innocent crush that develops into numerous deaths and buried bodies. He wants her to be his at all costs but is a knife to someone els...

    tense, Romance, Drama, Mystery

  • Fish Out Of Water

    by Nicki Berger

    A short comic who finds herself in a predicament: how do you keep a fish alive without water? (This was my semester long assignment for my graphic ...

    tense, Horror

  • Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness

    by schanchez

    Mr. Henry Trill has taken off on an adventure. He's got no money, nowhere to return to, and nowhere he wants to go so, he hops on a bus and rides it t...

    tense, Mystery, Horror