• Undefiled Wings

    by SpigaRose

    LGBT+ Zaffiro is an angel destined to fall, but for now he is focused on doing his every day job with his two transgender coworkers and trying to put...

    trans_characters, BL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call

    by Void

    Updates every Friday. Monsters Crowd, Creatures Call is a coming of age comic about monster teenagers in the 1980′s. The comic features a diverse cas...

    trans_characters, Horror

  • Predatory Loan

    by Zuzu

    Rooming with a serial killer isn't good for Carter's health, but it's pretty amazing for his bank account. And hey, at least if his roommate kills him...

    trans_characters, Horror, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Fractured Magic

    by emrowene

    When the King of Alfheim disappears, his nephew Leandros gathers an elite team to find him. But Leandros soon discovers that this is more than a simpl...

    trans_characters, BL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • A Mermaids Tail

    by PumpkinKofi

    A Mermaids Tail is a comic about a young woman visiting her hometown after going off to college. Finding that everything around her has changed includ...

    trans_characters, GL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Legend of the Four Elemental Heroes

    by Lore

    Falling through the sky isn't the best way to wake up, but Air has little time to worry about that. In a world they don't know where suspicion and lie...

    trans_characters, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Good Luck x Bad Luck

    by Khandaniel

    In which an oni and a naga become famous in the human world and can't stop doing the off-again/on-again shit with their relationship. Oh, and they are...

    trans_characters, Romance, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Apotheosis

    by Huckleberry

    Reya is a mercenary – bound by contracts of blood and coin. Arianna is a wanderer armed with deep pockets and a silver tongue. Their meeting, a ...

    trans_characters, Fantasy

  • Oathbound

    by Lore

    Monty swore to honor and cherish his wife until the end of their days. They were the best of friends, lovers, and fought side by side. Yet, time passe...

    trans_characters, LGBTQ+

  • Obsessed

    by Elliot

    Four days, three nerds, two crushes, one hotel room. Welcome to CrossCon. (Updates every Monday!)

    trans_characters, Drama

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