by xxdovelin

    Crafters Vallono and Arrillium journey to magic's origin, the Castle Fold. But the way is expensive, guarded by a maze of celestial gatekeepers who wo...

    travel, Fantasy

  • The Other Half

    by bumblevip

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY that's it that's the description hfhfjdj jk This is a story about Lucas and Ethan, two boys, who'll have to go on adventure...

    travel, Romance

  • Oneironauts

    by Sara H. Randt

    What would you do if tomorrow was your last day? Would you run to conquer the world? Or maybe... would you sit down and watch the world continue w...

    travel, Drama

  • Princess Shenmi

    by ColorfulCony

    Shenmi, daughter of an influencial chinese family, is bought by the japanese emperor Akiyama. Because of her precious talent as a battle sorceress he...

    travel, Fantasy

  • C'est La Vie

    by Wonderful Indonesia

    A successful career woman is dragged back to her Bandung hometown to inherit her mother's old eatery. What will happen next?

    travel, Drama

  • Hacheeachkee

    by MylCreates

    A Machucan named Introproretro Triocto Sketaldaz has lived his life as a slave up until his master unleashes an apocalyptic weapon wiping out the enti...

    travel, Science fiction

  • Backroads

    by Kate-What

    A girl and her friend go on a road-trip in hopes of curing his lycanthropy. Updates will be daily for a bit while I catch things up to my smackjee...

    travel, Romance

  • Australian Made

    by Ye Fan

    In this chaotic period, many choose to travel overseas to get away from everything, even the thing that they once loved. Trying to survive, thus they ...

    travel, Drama

  • Holly's journal

    by Holly

    A dash of dumb and a pinch of stupid - the art journal of a socially impaired illustrator.

    travel, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Villain Deku

    by RinaArtNyaa XD

    Midoriya got wrapped in a mysterious black hole and found himself in another world where he met another version of himself. There he would find an alt...

    travel, Fantasy

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